Amazon made a game changing play during an onstage announcement on June 18th. The company has always been about enabling purchasing. One way or another, every step along the way has led to them increasing the amount of eyes they have on their product lines. It’s game changing for sure, and it is amazing for Slyce.

The New Face of Visual Search

Visual search is an arena we play in every day. We know its ins and outs and how it is changing the search and discovery landscape. Monetizable visual search is about discovering, finding, and categorizing images, and image attributes in a way that makes the process easy, repeatable, and provides an actionable outcome.

By implementing Firefly technology into their new smartphone, it bursts the wall of the marketplace wide open. The entire marketplace woke up overnight and it isn’t just in the hands of the retailer to decide if its necessary now, visual search is mandatory.

The Developer’s Dream

This is the true kicker that falls in to place with Amazon’s announcement. The platform that they are creating is being opened up to developers via Amazon’s SDK. This means any app developer that wants to sell Amazon’s products now has access to Amazon’s Firefly technology, and a dedicated platform to publish to.

Not only does this mean retailers are going to be chasing down doors for visual search, but so will competitors. Those competitors aren’t just typical Amazon rivals like Google and Apple anymore, with this announcement Amazon has woken up the Camera and Phone OEM’s as well. There’s no way this stay solely in the hands of Amazon for very long.

Slyce has been designed with this shift in mind, and has been anticipating the change coming. As individual usage of a visual search product spikes it becomes an opportunity that retailers can’t afford to ignore, now we are continuing to see the market be validated.

The Tectonic Tech Shift

This is going to quickly become the new battleground. Forget HDDVD versus Blu-Ray, BetaMax versus VHS, this is the next stage. Amazon has created an embedded method for purchasing, and while it may be structured around Amazon products, that still incorporates 100 Million unique items. But it’s embedded, it’s a feature set on one product line that won’t go across to other smartphone product lines. The rest of the marketplace has to have an answer and slice is uniquely positioned to be an important and integral part of that answer.

Sometimes technology changes come in the shape of a massive shift. Radio to Television, tube television to flat screen, those are massive changes. Other times there are incremental changes that fundamentally alter how a concept is approached. This is one of those shifts. Search has been growing for years, but largely relegated to text based search, predictive or not. With Slyce, and with Firefly, search is firmly planting its feet in the visual world, marking an incredible paradigm shift.