2014 Trends


1. The Internet Of Everything

    • We’ve long thought the internet would evolve to the internet of things, of new and everyday items.
    • Google acquiring Nest at the start of the year, CES showcasing Smart Fridges, the next step is the internet of everything.
    • Every item is becoming connected through local wifi’s and the proliferation of inclusive smartphone applications.
    • With the ability to put chips in everything and track it, we’ll be able to optimize and prioritize our lives through phones.


2. Big Data

    • The biggest buzzword of 2013 will get much needed clarity in 2014.
    • Barriers to entry will be lowered allowing less technical individuals to access and analyze data.
    • This creates smarter marketers and smarter engineers.
    • Big Data creates an ecosystem of tailor making products and services to specifically target market niches.
    • The US CTO stated the greatest resource the US has is Big Data.
    • The emergence of User Patterns from the tiniest of objects will inform a new generation of human understanding.


3. Wireless Charging

    • Wireless charging exists, but its expensive and clunky.
    • This keeps it out of the realm of must have.
    • As people become more technology agnostic and interchange devices and brands, the necessity peaks.
    • More products, means more cords across different charge types and we can no longer afford to be disconnected.
    • Just a wireless changed our worldview, battery life is the newest obstacle to quality of life in the connectivity world.

4. Payments

    • Bitcoin and crypto currency changed the way even the old school bankers look at money.
    • Change the way we think about money and change the way money is processed.
    • Paypal started to change already, keeping transactions onsite.
    • Mobile wallets and payment processors will shift the focus from the crypto currencies into the effectiveness and ease of mobile money.
    • Some of the big players in the startup market will look to go public on the heels of the Payments Boom which will further change the way we look at digital wallets.
    • The concept of the E-wallet is set to disappear. Items are going to become commercialized, with backend systems being present on the item, not on a commerce site. This makes every item online, or through mobile into a virtual cash register.

5. Drones

    • Right now we view drones as a bad word. 2014 is where the negative connotation get separated.
    • The pervasive want to capture the lives of people is going to drive the personal, micro drone market.
    • New software is going to emerge that creates platforms, similar to Android and iOS systems.
    • The adoption of aerial platforms will have the same global effect as the commercialization of airlines.
    • This is unprecedented access to movement and freedom. It changes the way we monitor, the way we deliver, and the way with interact with flight.
    • New levels of sensory data will continue to have an impact on how humanity perceives the world. We will be soon able to create visual, auditory, radar, or gaseous sensing platforms to monitor and track our impact on the world.