Are Canadian Startups Shouting Loud Enough?

This article was originally published on TechVibes.


In the world of global stereotypes, Brits are pompous, Australians are macho, French are rude, Americans are brash… and Canadians are nice.

Just look at any poll or survey and the popular assumption is that we live in the global Garden of Eden. Brand Canada has mass appeal and the image of the outdoor-loving, fresh-faced, permanently smiling, and ultra-polite Canadian does that no harm at all.

While this typecasting isn’t necessarily “real,” typically we are a quiet, subdued, and modest bunch—and, while these traits are undeniably admirable and should be held dear, when it comes to self promotion in the high stakes and high density world of startups, we might just need to find our voice and occasionally “grow a pair.”

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