Trust Me I’m Lying

“A blatant tell all of how the big league blog world works. What are the economic drivers and techniques that “justify” iterative journalism. This is a very interesting read and something that everyone who is in the PR or news space should know, if...

Just one thing

“This is becoming recommended reading for our finance people at PODIUM Ventures and at Business Instincts Group. Dozens of Gems!”

Running Lean

“The is a great companion book the The Lean Startup. It is more detailed in it approach to building a lean startup. Ash, is a real tactician and anyone who is doing a startup needs to be familiar with his work.”

Hold on to your kids

“What a great book. A real eye opener to what really happen to humans. The need to orientate and attach is basic and understanding your role and part as a parent in this process is critical. This book is straight forward, factual, holds common sense and puts...

Atlas Shrugged

“At times I could not put this book down, at at other times I found it dragged on and on over the same details. Frankly, the dragging was more than worth it. The philosophical and political insight coupled with the brilliant storytelling and characterizations...