Finding That Why

If you don’t have your Why figured out, then your tires are just spinning and you aren’t really getting anywhere. That’s one of my Principles over at, that before you get anywhere you need to have a clear vision, or in other words, your Why.

Not only can you find some of my work there, but I’ll be sharing some of my startup and investing experience on the PODIUM Blog with the rest of the PODIUM team.

When we sat down and decided that we wanted to not only write a blog and share our experiences in crafting sustainable startups but to provide information on how to invest in start ups as well we knew we had to figure out our why before we got anywhere.

Once we got it down on paper our Why became two-fold:

    1) There’s just not much else like it.

    2) Continuing to share our unique experience.

To the first point, our Why is to educate and inform ourselves and others. We looked around and found lots of information on how to build a startup company and even on how to get your startup financed but aside from a few sites dedicated to Angel Networks, nothing on how to help you invest in startup companies.

The second portion of our Why comes from the experiences we have built throughout our histories. We are entrepreneurs and investors. We have been to both sides of the table. In our histories we’ve been both very successful and had complete crashes.

Through our experiences as entrepreneurs we’ve developed many systems and processes that we use to monitor success. Whether they are the 6 Principles of a Sustainable Startup, the RIPKIT processes that Business Instincts Group uses or the Deal Flow processes that PODIUM has, each was designed from our experiences and learnings to create prosperity.

It’s from these processes and experiences that we hope to not only expand upon our learning and grow, but to provide you with better information and resources when you look into investing in startups.

When it all comes down to it, our Why is three simple words that we hope will have a profound effect:

To Create Prosperity.