Seeing the Red Flags in a Tech Startup Investment Pitch

This article was originally published on Global Banking & Finance Review.

Seeing the red flags

Not every presentation that you witness is going to be spearheaded by the consummate showman. The truth is, even the best products are sometimes fronted by poor pitches. It’s an art form that very few ever truly master.

Especially when it comes to startups, the presentation is all about selling the sizzle and trying to keep the steak out of view. Most of the time, this is due to the fact that the product is still in a conceptual stage and the startup itself only really has “potential” to sell. Even when that’s the case, there are a number of red flags that investors should be on the lookout for during pitches, whether they’re dealing with the consummate showman or a technical founder who has only just ventured into daylight.

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