When It Comes To Startups, Should Beggars Ever Be Choosers?

This article was originally published in the TechVibes.


Calling the world of startups a ‘game’ can, at times, seem a pretty apt description. The high stakes, the heavy falls, the rolls of the dice and remarkable tales of success over adversity can make for a heady atmosphere and an enticing one for those with a healthy predisposition for adrenalin.

The involvement of potentially large sums of money however, does tend to focus the mind away from the Hail Mary approach and negotiations between investors and startup entrepreneurs can often feel like anything but playtime.

Money makes the world go around and, vitally for a startup, it also keeps the office lights on and the development team coming back every day to build out the masterpiece. In reality, without money to sustain itself, a startup might consist of nothing more than hard drives full of useless code or a half finished product, useful to no one. Therefore a few strings attached to a potential investment shouldn’t ever matter if it keeps a startup going, right? Not so much.

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