Cameron Chell has been an entrepreneur since he was 14 and has spent his career growing a diverse collection of high-potential ideas into revolutionary companies that have changed the way we experience the world. Cameron takes a hands-on leadership role in projects, infusing innovation and the principles of product adoption and customer development with the operational principles of clarity,
alignment, and measurement into the culture of every team he works with.Because of his passion for the creating amazing companies by building great teams he co-founded BUILD Impossible which is a platform that provide entrepreneurs with the tools, techniques and community to help build their companies


Build Impossible is continually building a community of entrepreneurs to help you through every stage of the ongoing cycles and challenges that present themselves as we lead our business. Join our community of entrepreneurs!


Join our weekly Build Impossible calls. It’s a four-week series. You can jump in at any time.
We meet Sunday ‘s and Tuesday at 4PM PST. It’s an amazing structured discussion and work sessions where we really dig into the steps of being a successful entrepreneur.

Overcoming your overwhelm

Goal Setting

Determining Your Vision By Finding Your Why

Combating Self Doubt