I don’t believe in impossible because I have overwhelming evidence it doesn’t have to exist. All that exists is possible. Throughout much of my life, I very unwittingly defied the odds and achieved what was believed to not be possible.

At 26, I was the head of a multi-billion-dollar organization, which was the
cornerstone of what we now call the cloud computing industry. At 32, I was
standing at the base of the World Trade Centers wondering why I was alive when
so many people weren’t. At 35 I was bankrupt and a hopeless addict living on the streets of Vancouver’s Downtown East side. At 42, I was in a loving relationship with a daughter on the way and a lymphoma cancer diagnosis. At 45, I co-founded a company called UrtheCast, which endeavored to create an unabridged view of the world in one-meter video resolution by putting cameras on International Space Station. Deloitte & Touche called us the most exciting and important techcompanies that year.

I am currently blessed to be leading several companies that I helped to build from the ground up.

When we search our stories, we discover that we have inextricable evidence that the impossible does not have to exist and there are ways we have found to overcome.